Hang Fast Targets

10 inch SQUARE AR500 1/4" steel target

$33.22 $27.60

10 inch Square target AR500 1/4" steel.    Available as complete kits w/ hanger and hardware or plate only

1/4" Steel plates are used with NON MAGNUM handguns or long range rifle.   Check target for damage and adjust distance accordingly.   Light and easy to carry.  More reactive and audible than thicker steel plates

Hanger kits available with powdercoated or RAW (uncoated) hangers.   Paint them yourself and save!


PLATE ONLY:    target plate only

STANDARD HANGER w/ Chain Mount:   This option comes with our Hang Fast standard hanger and chain mounting hardware.  Extremely reactive and the weight of the plate ensures the target stays put on the hanger with the heaviest rounds.  Target plate hangs at a 10 degree angle to deflect spall and energy.   The Standard T post hanger is powder coated for durability and has a built in 3/4" wrench for the target plate bolt and  1/4" square wrench for the Iron beam clamp used to prevent hanger "walk" with lighter plates.   Hanger mounts on a standard T Post.  Grade 8 carriage bolt and nut with 3/8" SCH70 transport chain section.

FAIL SAFE HANGER   This option comes with our FAIL SAFE hanger, mounting hardware and beam clamp.   This hanger system provides the ultimate in target retention.  The hanger is powder coated and has built in wrenches that fit the plate bolt and the beam clamp.