Hang Fast Targets
  • 12 inch ROUND AR500 1/2" target

    $64.82 $62.35

    12 inch round 1/2" AR500 steel target available as a complete kit with hanger and mounting hardware or plate only.

    PLATE ONLY:    target plate only

    STANDARD HANGER w/ Chain Mount:   This option comes with our Hang Fast standard hanger and chain mounting hardware. Very reactive and good sound  Target plate hangs at a 10 degree angle to deflect spall and energy.   The Standard T post hanger is powder coated for durability and has a built in 3/4" wrench for the target plate bolt and  1/4" square wrench for the Iron beam clamp used in our other systems.   Hanger mounts on a standard T Post.  Grade 8 carriage bolt and nut with 3/8" SCH70 transport chain section.

    STANDARD HANGER W/ BOLT MOUNT:   This mount uses a 2 1/2" bolt / nut to mount the plate on the hanger at an increased angle  approx. 25 degree angle to better direct spall and energy downward.   VERY AUDIBLE and reactive front to back.   This simple system is far superior to the heavy welded bracket systems that hold plates ridged and dampen the CLANG we all love to hear.  Save money and let gravity, not iron do the work.

    FAIL SAFE MOUNT    The FAIL SAFE mount uses a 1 1/2" bolt to mount the plate loosely to the hanger.   This will limit side to side movement making the plate less reactive allowing the plate to reset faster for quick follow up shots.   The FAIL SAFE hanger also works well in conjunction with our hanging the plate at the same angle as the tire.

    Hanger kits available with powdercoated or RAW (uncoated) hangers.   Paint them yourself and save!

    STANDARD HANGER CHAIN MOUNT   This option is the most reactive making spotting long range hits easier.... Good sound too !!

    STANDARD HANGER WITH BOLT MOUNT   This option provides additional target angle to direct spall and bullet energy downward for additional safety and target life.

    FAIL SAFE MOUNT   This mount will hold the plate securely with a single bolt holding the plate loosely on the hanger.    Plate movement is limited side to side with a faster reset for rapid fire.   This hanger works well with our tire mount kit and will hold the plate at the same angle as the tire.