Hang Fast Targets

16 inch Round AR500 1/2"

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16 inch round AR 500 1/2" target.  Available with YOUR CHOICE of hanger options or PLATE ONLY

Choose from Powder Coated or un-coated (raw) hangers.   Paint them yourself and save!

PLATE ONLY:   Target plate only.

STANDARD HANGER CHAIN MOUNT:  Comes with our STANDARD hanger, chain section, bolt / nut.  This is the most reactive option and hangs at approx. 10 degree angle to deflect spall.

STANDARD HANGER BOLT MOUNT:   This option uses a 2 1/2" bolt to mount the plate to the hanger.  This allows the plate to hang at approx. 25 degree angle.  Less reactive than the chain mount with good sound.

grade 8 carriage bolt and self locking nut.

Great target for that 1000 yard range or close range handgun practice.

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