Hang Fast Targets
  • 24 inch Round AR500 3/8" steel target

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     24 inch round AR 500 3/8" target.  Available with YOUR CHOICE of hanger options or PLATE ONLY

    PLATE ONLY:   Target plate only.

    STANDARD HANGER CHAIN MOUNT:  Comes with our STANDARD hanger, chain section, bolt / nut.  This is the most reactive option and hangs at approx. 10 degree angle to deflect spall.

    STANDARD HANGER BOLT MOUNT:   This option uses a 2 1/2" bolt to mount the plate to the hanger.  This allows the plate to hang at approx. 25 degree angle.  Less reactive than the chain mount with good sound.

    grade 8 carriage bolt and self locking nut.

    Great target for that 1000 yard range or close range handgun practice.

    Hanger kits available with powdercoated or RAW (uncoated) hangers.   Paint them yourself and save!

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