Hang Fast Targets
  • 4 inch round AR500 3/8" RIMFIRE Target

    $5.27 $3.50

    4 inch ROUND AR500 3/8" Rimfire target kit:   with scaled down T Post hanger.

    Available as a KIT or component parts.

    This is our new Rimfire target that uses a scaled down T post hanger designed to hold the plate in the same way as our FAIL SAFE hanger.  Scaled down to utilize target plates as small as 4".    The system uses the 3/8" AR500 plate for the extra weight to keep the target in place on the post.  Can be used in conjunction with our "beam clamp" for maximum hanger retention on the post.

    This kit comes with:

    1 - 4 inch AR500 3/8" plate

    1 - RIMFIRE T post hanger

    1 -  1 1/2" carriage bolt and nut

    1 - Beam clamp