Hang Fast Targets
  • Fail Safe Target Hanger kit


    The Fail Safe Target hanger was developed to provide a secure mount for small plates.  The standard hanger will not secure plates 10" and smaller USING HEAVY RIFLE CALIBERS and knock offs sometime occur.    The Fail Safe system prevents knock offs while still providing a reactive target mount.  Minimum plate size is 6 inches.  

    The system includes:

     Fail Safe Hanger, Iron beam clamp, Grade 8 carriage bolt 1/2" x 1 1/2", grade 8 self locking nut.   Target plate not included

    The hanger has a built in "emergency" wrench for the target plate bolt and square nut on the iron beam clamp for when you forget your wrench. 

    POWDER COATED for durability. 

    Available RAW (uncoated)   Paint it yourself and save.

    Simply mount the iron beam clamp on the  "T" leg and tighten TIGHT with the hanger wrench, mount the hanger / plate assembly and SHOOT!!

    This kit can be used with any plate with a single mounting hole.

    This video will show how it works with a 12 gauge slug @ 25 yards