Hang Fast Targets
  • IPSC AC Zone AR500 3/8" target

    $114.17 $103.78

    IPSC AC zone AR500 3/8" Target:


    Choose from several mounting OPTIONS including "plate only".

    PLATE ONLY:    target plate only

    STANDARD HANGER w/ Chain Mount:   This option comes with our Hang Fast standard hanger and chain mounting hardware.  Extremely reactive and the weight of the plate ensures the target stays put on the hanger with the heaviest rounds.  Target plate hangs at a 10 degree angle to deflect spall and energy.   The Standard T post hanger is powder coated for durability and has a built in 3/4" wrench for the target plate bolt and  1/4" square wrench for the Iron beam clamp used in our other systems.   Hanger mounts on a standard T Post.  Grade 8 carriage bolt and nut with 3/8" SCH70 transport chain section.

    STANDARD HANGER W/ BOLT MOUNT:   The angle mount uses a single 2 1/2" bolt / nut to mount the plate on the hanger.   This puts the plate at approx. 25 degree angle to better direct spall and energy downward.   VERY AUDIBLE and reactive front to back.   This simple system is far superior to the heavy welded bracket systems that hold plates ridged and dampen the CLANG we all love to hear.  So simple..... it costs less.

    STANDARD HANGER w/ Chain Mount:

    very reactive and audible.  The plate hangs approx 10 degrees


    This pic is the 2 1/2" bolt @ a 30 degree angle


    When we say REACTIVE.... we mean it.  Check out this video of an IPSC AC zone target getting hammered with 12 pellet buckshot at 10 yards!!

    The CLANG speaks for itself !!