Hang Fast Targets

IPSC AC zone AR500 1/4" Swinging target


IPSC AC zone Swinging target AR500 1/4"

3 plate sizes available, 4", 6" and 8" .   CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE FROM DROP DOWN MENUS  

Plates are available in three thicknesses, 1/4"  3/8"  and 1/2".   All three will work in our swinging targets.

Plate weights can help "tune" the target for best performance with different calibers and energy levels.

For heavy rifle use we recommend the 1/2" plates for durability and longer life.

All swinger plates can be found HERE

This target system will install on a standard T Post.

Simply pound a T post in the ground at a slight angle and slide the target assembly over the post.  Or use our "ALL TERRAIN" T post stand that will set the target angle with a simple adjustment.

The AR500 IPSC AC target has NO WELDS  so it can be reversed very easily if necessary.  All the welds are on the mounting bracket so the hardness of the AR500 is not compromised.

The swinger plate is hand fit and shaped to fit the pivot tube for smooth chatter free operation.

Great target for handgun and extended range light rifle.

I shoot it here mounted on our ALL TERRAIN T Post stand with 12 ga. Buckshot

1/4" AR500 target steel will hold up better than most think.  

Watch this product test video shooting a 1/4" 10 x 10 target plate with 223, 308 and 30-06