Hang Fast Targets
  • Silhouette AR500 3/8" target

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    SILHOUETTE  AR500 3/8" steel targets.  

    YOUR CHOICE of hanging options or plate only   

    PLATE ONLY:    AR500 3/8" steel silhouette target plate w/ .515" square mounting hole

    FAIL SAFE HANGER KIT:   comes with our new closed end FAIL SAFE hanger and hardware for the ultimate in target retention while still being somewhat reactive.   Also included is an IRON BEAM CLAMP that attaches to the T post leg and prevents hanger "walk" down the post when using HEAVY calibers or slugs.  TESTED WITH 12 GAUGE SLUGS.  (video below)

    STANDARD HANGER / BOLT KIT:  This kit uses the standard 2 bend hanger and a 2 1/2" bolt/nut.  This will put the plate on about a 25 degree angle and still be somewhat reactive.   Still rings like a bell !!

    STANDARD HANGER / CHAIN MOUNT:   Plate mounts to the hanger with a short piece of chain.   This is the most reactive mount with the most CLANG !

    Hanger kits available with powdercoated or RAW (uncoated) hangers.   Paint them yourself and save!

    Pics and video below