Hang Fast Targets
  • Tire Mounting Kit


    This kit will hang a tire over the plate and capture splatter and fragments for safety and disposal.

    This system is perfect for indoor ranges where spall control is needed to minimize ceiling damage and cleanup.


    Kit includes:

    1-  Fail Safe T post hanger and hardware to mount tire as shown.(plate kit not included)


    The FAIL SAFE HANGER is the preferred plate mount system for more rapid shots.

    The plate movement side to side is very limited so the reset time is instantaneous.

    Great for double taps !! 

    This system is available as target kits or separately for use with your plates.

    The STANDARD HANGER with Chain Mount is a very reactive target with about a 3 second reset.  Great for slow fire.

    Available with target kits or separately for use with your plates.