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Presenting a Complete Line of AR500 Steel Targets and innovative T-post hangers.

Standard hanger 2 inch bolt mount on 12 inch round AR500 steel target


Target angle is important for safety and extended target life.  The back angle deflects fragments and energy downward into the ground where it belongs.  Our solution is unique by utilizing two simple things, gravity and hole location.  Instead of forcing the plate into an angle using heavy brackets and bolts that deaden target sound making hits sound flat, our solution uses a single loose mounting point properly located to produce target angle. The single mounting point enhances plate harmonics resulting in that loud CLANG we all like to hear.  The single mounting point also results in a very REACTIVE target making hits easier to spot.

Simplicity Holds the Key

We believe most shooting target systems work best when the designs are kept simple rather than complicated. All our T-Post steel target systems are built on the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) design principle and guarantee a high level of user acceptance.

You don’t need a tool box to install our systems. All the wrenches necessary for our hanging targets are built into the hanger itself.

Hang Fast Targets
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US-Based Manufacturer of Shooting Targets & Parts

Hang Fast Targets specializes in the design, manufacture, and sales of high-quality AR500 steel targets with our innovative T-post target hangers.    

Based out of Rio, West Virginia, we are an online veteran-owned business supplying professional-grade steel targets to the military, law enforcement bodies, and competition shooters throughout the United States. All our products are designed and manufactured in America.