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Buying steel plates is easy... Hanging them is another story.

The Hang Fast System was founded on the KISS Principle to keep it easy. Say goodbye to sawhorses, splintered wood, heavy metal stands, and exposed chains, straps, wires, ropes, and going downrange to repair falling targets.

The following pics and videos demonstrate the versatility of the system along with the ease of setup. We are continuing to innovate and offer new solutions to improve the shooting experience.

Watch our Tire Steel Target System in use in a Hesco Shoot House. Splatter damage can be a real problem in confined areas and our Tire Target System virtually eliminates it.

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Silhouette Target shot at 200 yards and closer with a 308 150 gr bullets.

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This target is being shot by a 12 gauge slug @ 20 yards. This thing rings like a BELL !

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The FAIL SAFE SYSTEM allows the use of lighter, small plates without knock offs and other target failures. When absolute target retention is mandatory the FAIL SAFE system delivers. It uses a modified Hang Fast hanger with a closed hole for mounting the plate to prevent knock offs. The Iron Beam Clamp prevents the hanger from "walking" down the post. We tested this with 12 gauge slugs @ 25 yards in the following video.

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Great target !! I love this thing. Good sound too.

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Demonstration with close range angled targets with FRANGIBLE ammunition

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The plate hangs from a short chain which allows a wide range of movement. The single bolt mount enhances harmonics resulting in greater audio feedback CLANG!

Multiple targets can be hung from the same T Post. No mounting system could be easier and more versatile!

One of my favorite targets is the IPSC A-C zone target. This works very well for pistol practice and makes a good long range rifle target that really sounds off when hit with a CLANG ! This target can be hung several ways as shown below.

No problem with the really BIG BOYS. The hanger and T post support 100 lb targets with ease!

This is a 24" x 36" 3/8 AR500 plate that weighs 92 lbs. (yes, that is a cow behind the target)

This 24" round 3/8" AR500 is a favorite for long range shooters at only 47 lbs. Rings like a bell !!

This is our new ALL TERRAIN TWO PLATE SWINGER Designed primarily for rifle use with all exposed surfaces being fully armored with AR500 3/8" steel plate, this target will also work great with pistols too. Mounts ANYWHERE you can pound a T Post, on hillsides or uneven ground so no more balancing acts with unstable target stands. No welds on the AR500 to crack or soften the steel. Plates can be changed in seconds without tools. Plate sizes are 3, 4", 6" and 8". Very heavy duty to withstand years of constant use.

Shown here with our All Terrain T Post Stand on a steep pond bank.

We now have a T post stand for use on hard ground, concrete or where pounding a T Post isn't possible. Very heavy duty made from 1/4" steel with no welds. Designed for maximum stability with 4 contact points on the ground to avoid tipping.

Feet are adjustable to make full contact with the ground, just loosen the bolts and the stand will conform to ground conditions so no more shimming stands to prevent rocking. The T Post holder is adjustable for angle so the T Post can be adjusted for plumb front to back and side to side if ground conditions are uneven. The All Terrain Swinger can be adjusted easily to the proper angle for perfect target performance.

Can be spiked down for ultimate stability. Optional kit available to adapt the stand to firring strips 18" apart. Replaceable holders so bullet damage does not render the unit inoperable. Optional front armor 4.5 x 13.5" AR500 3/8 to protect the T Post holder and deflect spall.

Powder coated for durability. All Grade 8 1/2" x 1 1/2" zinc carriage bolt and thick washers for ultimate holding capacity. Square holes capture bolt shoulder for single wrench use. Works with most heavy duty iron T Posts.


Ringing the dinner bell with an MP5......@ -40 degrees

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