The Hang Fast Target System

Simple and innovative design
The Hang Fast T post steel target system is TOUGH and was built on the KISS principle. It is very simple to use with no tools necessary except a driver to pound in the T post. The hanger slips over the T post and the weight of the target will hold it in place even under heavy fire. The target plate attaches to the hanger without tools by means of a short piece of chain or bolt. This system is designed to have the plate cover the hanger / hardware to protect them from bullet damage. The target plate hangs on a back angle to deflect bullet splatter to the ground. The back angle and reactive mounting system divert bullet energy resulting in longer plate life. The plate is extremely reactive when used with the chain making hits easier to spot at long range. The single mounting point enhances plate harmonics resulting in a louder CLANG!!

NO WELDS to break or soften the steel. Mounting bolt is GRADE 8 for durability T-Posts are extremely tough and can take a lot of bullet damage which will not affect the hangers performance. Multiple targets can be hung on the same T post as well as large heavy targets such as a full size 1/2" IPSC. This system is very portable and when the post is set it will stay in place for years. The post can also be easily removed when necessary depending on ground conditions. The posts are very inexpensive and can be placed in multiple locations and move just the targets. Very large target plates can be hung using this hanger. Our single bolt mounting system allows greater target movement and louder CLANG!

The HEART of the system - the Hang Fast Hanger

The STANDARD hanger is designed for plates 10" and larger hung by a chain or bolt. The chain section locks into a "cross slot" to hold the target securely while allowing it to be very reactive. With the bolt mount the plate mounting bolt simply slides over the tip of the hanger with the weight of the target plate securing it under heavy fire. Built in wrench for the target bolt and the optional post clamp used in some applications



The Fail Safe Hanger is designed to work with plates as small as 6 inches when using large caliber firearms. The FAIL SAFE SYSTEM will retain the plate 100% while using the heavy hitters and still remain EXTREMELY REACTIVE.

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The Chain Mount uses a 3 link section of 3/8" chain to mount the target plate to the hanger.  This setup is very reactive with great sound.  The target plate hangs at an angle to deflect fragments downward.   Works with all Hang Fast plates 10 inches or larger.  Works on any plate with the mounting hole at least 3 1/2" from the top of the plate.


Examples of target plates using the Chain Mount


12 inch round

IPSC AC ZONE on Chain Mount

24 inch Round on chain mount


The Hang Fast Standard hanger can also be used with a bolt only.  Our target plates 12" and larger can be adjusted for angle using longer bolts.

12 inch round with 2" bolt

66% IPSC with 5 inch bolt. Rings like a bell!

12 inch round with 2 1/2" bolt

IPSC AC zone target with 2 1/2" bolt



Mount your two hole plate using our KIT

  • More stable than sawhorses
  • Mount on hillsides or uneven ground
  • Small footprint and less expensive.



Mounting a tire over the plate catches the majority of bullet frags. These frags can be very damaging to surrounding targets, walls or range equipment. Many customers use this system in their indoor ranges to minimize frag damage to the ceiling and lighting. in addition to reducing cleanup. Catch your lead and recycle too! Use the lead for bullets or sinkers.



Our new single plate swinger was developed in response to requests for a small reactive RIFLE target that would hang on a T-Post. Works great for pistol too!  Our single plate swinger is fully armored with AR500 3/8" steel with ZERO welds on the AR500. This unit is very heavy duty and will withstand constant rifle fire. The unit mounts on a standard T Post. Works very well with our All Terrain T Post Stand. (not included)

Target plates are available in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" thickness and 3, 4, 6, 8 inch diameters. Target plates change without tools in seconds. (1/4 inch plates are on back order at the present)


The angle of the target plate can be increased by using a longer bolt on plates 12 inches and larger. Range to the target can be decreased due to the reduction in impact energy. In this video I'm shooting a .223 with frangible ammunition at 15'.

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MP5 @ -40 degrees on a Hang Fast Silhouette mounted on the T Post ALL TERRAIN TARGET STAND
(you cannot pound a T post in frozen ground)

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12 gauge slug