Standard Hanger


  • The STANDARD HANGER is our most versatile hanger option.
  • Compatible with all FORGED T posts.
  • Provides various hanging options, including short chain or single bolt.
  • Allows mounting of target plates at downward angles ranging from 5 degrees to 20 degrees solely using gravity.
  • Positions the plate away from the T Post, minimizing splatter deflection.
  • Stackable design allows for mounting multiple plates on a single T post.
  • Constructed from 1/4″ A36 steel.
  • Capable of holding plates weighing up to 100 lbs+.
  • All our hangers come with built-in wrenches for bolt and T post clamp.
  • It is advisable to have extra bolts as a precautionary measure.
  • Powder Coat Yellow is discontinued due to cost.  We still have some Powder Coated Gray while supplies last


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Our Standard Hanger uses several mounting options to meet your specific needs.


  • Very reactive in all directions.  Resets in under 3 seconds.  (unlike conveyer belt targets that seem to never stop swinging)
  • Enhances plate harmonics for great sound
  • Works with our 10″ plates and larger and weighing 10+ lbs.
  • Using YOUR plates the bolt hole MUST be located a minimum of 3.5″ from the top of the plate or the hanger and chain will be exposed.
  • Plates weighing less than 10 lbs. can be knocked off the Standard Hanger with high energy projectiles.


  • Very reactive front to back.  Side movement is limited.  Great for rapid fire pistol.
  • Use with top hole plates over 10 lbs
  • Angle is adjustable with the length of bolt.
  • Plates weighing less than 10 lbs. can be knocked off the Standard Hanger with high energy projectiles.
  • A 5″ Grade 8 bolt can be used with the 66% IPSC for a close range rifle target.  (2800 fps or less)


  • This clamp is used primarily with the FAIL SAFE hanger with 6″ and 8″ plates to keep the hanger from walking down the post when using heavy loads.
  • The STANDARD hanger becomes unstable on the post when there is no weight on it.   The T Post clamp keeps the hanger in place while hanging or taking down plates…especially the heavy ones.
  • Fixes hanger locations on T Posts for repeatability.  An example is our TIRE TARGET SYSTEM.

Our Hangers come with built in wrenches for the T Post Clamp and target bolt.

Using the STANDARD hanger with YOUR target plates:

Hang Fast Hanger safeguards hanger and hardware from bullet damage by covering it with the plate. Plate’s bolt hole position is crucial when pairing it with Chain Mount; it must be at least 3 ¾” from the top to avoid exposing the hanger. Our STANDARD hanger necessitates a minimum 10″ plate; opt for FAIL SAFE Hanger for smaller plates. Many plates from other manufacturers have high bolt hole placements incompatible with our hanger and CHAIN combo. Use a single bolt for such plates, avoiding overtightening against the hanger. Our STANDARD hanger suits plates 10″ and above. For plates 12″ and larger, position the bolt hole 1/3 of the plate’s height down from the top, resulting in a 15-degree hanging angle. For instance, a 12″ plate requires a hole 4″ from the top, while an 18″ plate requires 6″ from the top. While our hanger works optimally with OUR plates, following these recommendations enables usage of your plates.





tire target system hanger kit



Grade 8 Bolt info


Grade 8 carriage bolts are a crucial component for withstanding the immense stress forces generated when high-energy rifle rounds hit plates. These bolts have a high tensile strength of 150,000 psi, surpassing the 60,000 psi of low carbon non-grade bolts commonly found in hardware stores. While grade 8 bolts are not bulletproof and can still be penetrated, they are designed to endure hits more effectively than non-grade bolts.

One notable advantage of using carriage bolts is their low-profile heads, which significantly reduce splatter deflection. Additionally, when paired with square hole plates, carriage bolts eliminate the need for using two wrenches during installation, providing convenience and saving time.

It is important to note that grade 8 carriage bolts may not be readily available at local hardware stores, so it’s advisable to purchase them along with your order to ensure you have the appropriate hardware for your shooting targets.

Target failures can be frustrating, but using grade 8 bolts can greatly reduce the likelihood of such incidents. In a test involving non-grade hardware store carriage bolts, they lasted only about 20 rounds from a 7.62 x 39 rifle at a distance of 50 yards on a 12 x 20 silhouette plate. The failure observed was exactly what grade 8 bolts are designed to prevent, bolt head shearing off resulting in target failure.

In summary, grade 8 carriage bolts provide the necessary strength and durability to withstand the forces generated by high-energy rifle rounds hitting plates. Their use, combined with low-profile heads and compatibility with square hole plates, contributes to a safer shooting experience with reduced splatter deflection.



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