8 inch Diamond AR500


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8 inch Diamond AR500 Steel target

  • Steel thickness  3/8″ only
  • Works best with our FAIL SAFE HANGER
  • Great for rifle or pistol.

Plate only, no hardware included.

RECOMMENDED HANGERS for the 8 inch Diamond target plate:

  • FAIL SAFE-  Magnum handgun and medium to light magnum rifle




The most asked question is what calibers can be used on steel targets.   Most companies post a list of calibers appropriate to a given target type but this can be misleading.   Understanding how and why steel is damaged by projectiles will give the shooter the information needed to extend the service life of their steel targets.  This isn’t rocket science so some basic understanding of the problem with an abundance of common sense will keep your targets in good shape longer.

  •  There are two factors that will result in damage to steel targets, VELOCITY and ENERGY.
  • Velocity over 2800 fps AT THE TARGET will result in surface damage to the steel.
  • Energy causes target warping and denting.   Thinner steel will warp with continued use or high energy projectiles.  This can be mitigated by reversing the steel occasionally or upgrading to a thicker steel.
  • High velocity can cause permanent damage to steel plates rendering them unsafe at ranges under 100 yards.   For example, standard factory .223 / 5.56  ammunition can vary substantially in velocity depending on brand and/or projectile.
  • If you are unsure about your velocity it is advisable to shoot a single shot at the target and inspect for damage, then adjust your shooting distance accordingly.
  • Thicker plates will not mitigate velocity damage.
  • If you use your target plates for handgun and rifle a good strategy is to use one side of the plate for rifle only and reverse the plate to the smooth side for close range handgun or rimfire.
  • 1/4″ AR500 –  Rim fire and standard handgun calibers.   Light rifle @ 200+ yards.  Thinner plates will warp with extended use of standard handgun calibers or light rifle at extended range.
  • 3/8″ AR500 –  Standard and magnum handgun calibers.  Light to medium rifle  2800 fps or less at the target.  This is the best all around target thickness.
  • 1/2″ AR500 –   Standard and magnum handgun calibers.   Medium to heavy rifle  2800 fps or less at the target.   Best for high energy projectile or heavy use such as matches or clubs.

Fail Safe Hanger info


The Fail Safe Hanger is a very versatile hanger that can be used for all plate sizes 6″ and over.  This hanger was originally designed to retain plates 10 lbs and lighter that could be shot off our STANDARD HANGER by medium rifle rounds.  This hanger can mount most plates by us or others.

  • Fits all FORGED T posts
  • Fabricated from 1/4″ A36 steel
  • Capable of supporting very heavy plates.
  • Designed for plates 6″ and larger.
  • Additional T post clamp prevents hanger “walk” with smaller plates.
  • Built in wrenches for bolt and T post clamp
  • Uses a 1 1/2″ GRADE 8 carriage bolt to mount the plate
  • Stackable for multiple plates on a single T post
  • Works with most rifle and pistol calibers.  (Haven’t tested it with a 50 cal yet)


Unfinished – paint it yourself and save

Powder Coated  – High Visibility Orange

Mounting Options

  • 1 1/2″ GRADE 8 bolt w/ T post clamp
  • T post Clamp  prevents hanger “walk” with small plates and big bullets.

Grade 8 Bolt info


    • Plates hit with high energy rifle rounds transfer a massive amount of stress forces to the bolt head that will shear off non grade bolt heads.  (giving the false impression they were shot off.)
    • Tensile strength – maximum load that a material can support without fracture when being stretched.
    • Grade 8 Tensile Strength is 150,000 psi   Low carbon non grade bolts are 60,000 psi
    • Grade 8 bolts are NOT bulletproof and can be shot through.  However, they do take less damage from hits than non grade bolts.
    • Carriage bolt heads have a low profile and reduce splatter deflection significantly.
    • Carriage bolts used with square hole plates eliminate the need for 2 wrenches for installation.
    • Grade 8 carriage bolts are almost impossible to find at local hardware stores, be sure to buy them with your order.
    • Everybody hates target failures and grade 8 bolts go a long way to reducing them.

We tested non grade hardware store carriage bolts and this one lasted about 20 rounds from a 7.62 x 39 on a 12 x 20 silhouette plate @ 50 yards.  The target plate hit the ground and we all thought the bolt had been hit and shot through… but this is what we found.   This failure is exactly what a grade 8 bolt is designed to prevent.



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