2 x 4 Target Stand All Terrain

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All Terrain 2 x 4 Target Stand

  • Our Target Stand will not trap 2 x 4’s due to swelling or bullet strikes.
  • AR500 3/8″ Armor to prevent bullet damage to the 2 x 4 receiver.
  • Base is fully adjustable for ground conditions and slopes.
  • Fully adjustable to keep target load centered over the stand for ultimate stability.
  • Get more out of your range time by shooting your targets rather than fighting your stands.

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Add additional protection if needed.

The best wrench for adjusting all of our target stands and bases.

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All Terrain 2 x 4 Target Stand

For those that have invested in 2 x 4 hangers and target stand systems designed around the ubiquitous 2 x 4 we offer our All Terrain fully adjustable target stand designed to accept standard   2 x 4’s .    We have eliminated many of the problems associated with other 2 x 4 stands by completely re-designing the receiver to NEVER trap a 2 x 4 from swelling or bullet strikes on the receiver and eliminating the need for level ground to stabilize the target load.

  • Holds standard 2 x 4’s   ( 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″)
  • Footprint 23″ W  x 23.5″ L
  • AR500 3/8″ or 1/4″  front armor protects the 2 x 4 holder from bullet damage.
  • 1/4″  A36 steel base construction.
  • Stake down holes in feet.   Not necessary but there if you need them.
  • Adjustable four ways to keep target load centered over the stand for ultimate stability under heavy fire.  (24 degrees in every direction
  • Optional base cross member armor
  • All Grade 8 fasteners   SHOP GRADE 8 FASTENERS