Dueling Tree 6-plate Rim Fire


Dueling Tree 6-plate Rim Fire

  • Unique design features not found in other Dueling Trees.
  • Full armor protection with AR500 steel includes center post and crossmember armor.
  • Rim Fire Dueling Tree designed from scratch to address past design shortcomings and offer a more affordable option.
  • No requirement for a flat level surface, as the fully adjustable base sits securely on uneven ground and hillsides.
  • Ensures balanced plate response by addressing the lack of adjustment for plumb in most trees.
  • Center post is fully adjustable side to side and for forward angle, achieving equal plate response on both sides.
  • Flat center post prevents deflection of misses into the plates, reducing partial turns and ricochets.
  • Reversible target center post and base crossmember armor extends the lifespan of the targets.
  • Swinger plates available in various diameters: 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″.
  • Includes 6 plates with a diameter of 4 inches.
  • Compatible with pellet rifles using lead pellets, requiring a minimum velocity of 700 fps.

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This wrench makes adjusting your Dueling Tree quick and easy

Not absolutely necessary for the RimFire Dueling Tree but nice to have a couple just in case.

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Dueling Tree 6-plate Rim Fire

  • Fully Armored center post AR500 1/4″
  • Armored base crossmember  AR500 1/4″
  • Fully adjustable base.  Easily adjusts for uneven ground, slopes, forward and side angle.
  • 6 Plate design.   Comes with 6 – 4 inch AR500 1/4″ swinger plates.
  • Additional plate sizes available   1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ AR500 1/4″ swinger plates.
  • Reversible armor for longer life



Grade 8 Bolt info


Grade 8 carriage bolts are a crucial component for withstanding the immense stress forces generated when high-energy rifle rounds hit plates. These bolts have a high tensile strength of 150,000 psi, surpassing the 60,000 psi of low carbon non-grade bolts commonly found in hardware stores. While grade 8 bolts are not bulletproof and can still be penetrated, they are designed to endure hits more effectively than non-grade bolts.

One notable advantage of using carriage bolts is their low-profile heads, which significantly reduce splatter deflection. Additionally, when paired with square hole plates, carriage bolts eliminate the need for using two wrenches during installation, providing convenience and saving time.

It is important to note that grade 8 carriage bolts may not be readily available at local hardware stores, so it’s advisable to purchase them along with your order to ensure you have the appropriate hardware for your shooting targets.

Target failures can be frustrating, but using grade 8 bolts can greatly reduce the likelihood of such incidents. In a test involving non-grade hardware store carriage bolts, they lasted only about 20 rounds from a 7.62 x 39 rifle at a distance of 50 yards on a 12 x 20 silhouette plate. The failure observed was exactly what grade 8 bolts are designed to prevent, bolt head shearing off resulting in target failure.

In summary, grade 8 carriage bolts provide the necessary strength and durability to withstand the forces generated by high-energy rifle rounds hitting plates. Their use, combined with low-profile heads and compatibility with square hole plates, contributes to a safer shooting experience with reduced splatter deflection.



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