Dueling Tree 6-plate Rim Fire


Dueling Tree 6-plate Rim Fire

Great design features not found on other Dueling Trees.  We designed our Rim Fire Dueling Tree from a blank sheet of paper to correct the failings of past designs at a lower cost to you.  Easy to set up perfectly the first time without digging or shims to stabilize.  

  • NO need for a flat level surface.  Our base is fully adjustable and designed to sit firmly on uneven ground and hillsides.
  • Balanced plate responseMost trees tend to favor one side over the other because there is no adjustment for plumb.  Plates turn easier on one side giving that competitor an unfair advantage.   Our center post is fully adjustable side to side and for forward angle to achieve equal plate response on both sides.
  • Fully armored w/AR500   Our center post is flat and will not deflect misses into the plate causing partial turns and worse, ricochets.  Our center post is made from durable AR500 so there is no need for additional heavy armor.  All target armor is reversible for longer target life.
  • Swinger plates AR500 available in 1″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ diameters.
  • Complete with 6 – 4 inch plates
  • Works with pellet rifles using LEAD pellets @ 700 fps minimum.

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This wrench makes adjusting your Dueling Tree quick and easy

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Dueling Tree 6-plate Rim Fire

  • Fully Armored center post AR500 1/4″
  • Armored base crossmember  AR500 1/4″
  • Fully adjustable base.  Easily adjusts for uneven ground, slopes, forward and side angle.
  • 6 Plate design.   Comes with 6 – 4 inch AR500 1/4″ swinger plates.
  • Additional plate sizes available   1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ AR500 1/4″ swinger plates.
  • Reversible armor for longer life


Grade 8 Bolt info


    • Plates hit with high energy rifle rounds transfer a massive amount of stress forces to the bolt head that will shear off non grade bolt heads.  (giving the false impression they were shot off.)
    • Tensile strength – maximum load that a material can support without fracture when being stretched.
    • Grade 8 Tensile Strength is 150,000 psi   Low carbon non grade bolts are 60,000 psi
    • Grade 8 bolts are NOT bulletproof and can be shot through.  However, they do take less damage from hits than non grade bolts.
    • Carriage bolt heads have a low profile and reduce splatter deflection significantly.
    • Carriage bolts used with square hole plates eliminate the need for 2 wrenches for installation.
    • Grade 8 carriage bolts are almost impossible to find at local hardware stores, be sure to buy them with your order.
    • Everybody hates target failures and grade 8 bolts go a long way to reducing them.

We tested non grade hardware store carriage bolts and this one lasted about 20 rounds from a 7.62 x 39 on a 12 x 20 silhouette plate @ 50 yards.  The target plate hit the ground and we all thought the bolt had been hit and shot through… but this is what we found.   This failure is exactly what a grade 8 bolt is designed to prevent.



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